Welcome to GeoCon!
We are a Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing firm located in Robertsdale, Alabama!
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Cone Penetration Testing
GeoCon also provides CPT to determine the geotechnical characteristics of the subsurface soils. Click on the learn more button to find out more about CPT services.
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GeoCon Services
GeoCon hold engineering licenses in the states of Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Ohio.  We are capable of providing a wide array of geotechnical engineering services.
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Land Clearing Services
GeoCon also has land clearing capabilities.  To learn more about our land clearing services, please check out our services page.
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The Leader in Gulf Coast Geotechnical Engineering

What is Geotechnical Engineering?

Geotechnical engineering is the science that explains mechanics of soil and rock and its applications to the development of human kind. It includes, without being limited to, the analysis, design and construction of foundations, slopes, retaining structures, embankments, roadways, tunnels, levees, wharves, landfills and other systems that are made of or are supported by soil or rock. Watch the video to the right for more education on Geotech Engineering!

GeoCon is one of the premiere Geotechnical Engineering firms on the Gulf Coast today!

What can GeoCon do for you?

Our services fall into three main categories:

Geotechnical Engineering Services

Construction Materials Testing & Inspection Services

Environmental Services